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YM 603

Bedroom Furniture Wardrobes YM 603

4 Hanging door wardrobe

Details of accessories for the wardrobe interior, from pants, shoemakers, drawer units, flexible hangers, endless possibilities to dress your wardrobe.

*Finishing- Grafito Mate / Roble Montana

BIS | Handle
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Set Piece   Width " Depth " Height " Volume cu ft Weight lbs

4 Door Wardrobe

Wardrobe 4 folding doors 195 - 240 h.

Internal sideboard and middle shelf

ENDP094 // Internal sideboard and middle shelf 94,5 cm.

Interior shelf

ENDE036 // Interior shelf 36cm.

Hanger bar

Hanger bar 56,6cm.

Internal drawer

END3068 // Set of 3 drawers 68,5 cms. for folding wardrobe
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