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AM19563 Massage Chair

Living Room Furniture Reclining and Sliding Seats Sets AM19563 Massage Chair

1. Multiple sets full back self-adaptive roller massage
2. Two real-person massage techniques: Tuina and Kneading
3. Nine massage programs: Default mode, women’s mode, men’s mode, rocking mode, shoulder and neck kneading, shoulder and neck tuina, waist kneading, waist tuina, sleep mode
4. Automatic circulating air bag massage for head, shoulders, arms and legs, one-button switch, three levels of intensity adjustable
5. All-round leg air bags + sole roller scraping, professional foot massage
6. Three-speed adjustable massage strength
7. Customizable massage time
8. Equipped with space capsule zero gravity function, you can enjoy a suspended massage experience, as if you are floating in the clouds, relaxed and comfortable
9. The chair angle can be ajusted. To make massage more comfortable
10. Double Bluetooth HIFI speakers, enjoy music massage experience
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AM19563 Massage Chair

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