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Bicolor leather upholstery without price increase. Bicolor fabric upholstery applicable on the highest serie.
Solid wood and MDF board.
Springing in high resistance elastic belts.
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Collection: Gamamobel, Spain

Stock status: Special Order Product
Set Piece   Width " Depth " Height " Volume cu ft Weight lbs

Cat. Capri Composition Mod.77 C/B+ Mod.77+ Rincón +Mod.77+ Mod.77+ Mod.CH 77 *Relax Upholstery- Point 115, Point 103 As on main picture
  112/142 37/61 42 4.96

Loveseat w/2 recliners

Cat. Series 9 3 seater loveseat *Relax Upholstery- Chapi Marengo, Chapi Perla
  76 37 42 1.56

Cat. Capri Composition Mod.77 C/B + Mod.77 + Mod.CH 77 *Relax Upholstery- Luxe Kenia, Luxe Tabac
  107 37/61 42 2.68
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